Just because you're paranoid

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    Inspired by a recent FlickrCentral thread on 9/11. Apparently regular tinfoil hats can actually increase the intensity of radio waves in certain wavelengths.

    So the true conspiracy theorist knows that a tinfoil balaclava is the way forward.

    This is the mobile version, with reduced protection. If you are sitting at home, you should earth it to create a Faraday Cage around your head. For ultimate protection you should put a fine wire gauze over the eyes and breathing holes. The Mk II will feature reinforced edging for these, and external spectacle mounts to reduce EM leak points.


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    1. allsop8184 99 months ago | reply

      THIS IS WILD!! hahahah nicely done!

    2. Gytis U. 98 months ago | reply

      geee - he is damn right!

    3. Cate Partridge Photography 98 months ago | reply

      lol, I am so going to have to play with some tinfoil today.

    4. -RobW- 98 months ago | reply

      Next step - the tin foil suit. That will require more wine I think.

    5. ♥ shhexy corin ♥ 98 months ago | reply

      tin foil pants all the way!

    6. Sara? 98 months ago | reply

      What about tin foil underwear?

    7. -RobW- 98 months ago | reply

      Hmmm, that could be uncomfortable. And warm. But very sparkly and attractive...

    8. sam jane watkins 97 months ago | reply

      Dearest little bro, you're completely bonkers :-) In the nicest way possible, of course!

    9. Douglas Lowe 94 months ago | reply

      This photo has helped create some laughs where I work.
      I hope you don't mind, but I printed it and put it on my cubile wall with the caption "Chipotle Employee of the Month".
      If you don't know, Chipotle is a burrito fast food chain that is know for having HUGE foil-wrapped burritos.

    10. -RobW- 94 months ago | reply

      I aim to entertain. :o)

      I like to think I'm slightly healthier than the average burrito though :oD

    11. Douglas Lowe 88 months ago | reply

      Rob: Have you ever held a Chipotle burrito? I don't think you weigh too much more ;)

    12. -RobW- 88 months ago | reply

      I told you people were stealing my thoughts!

    13. the brownhorse 88 months ago | reply

      lol - yep, i'd been thinking about doing one of these for a while and did get the idea for the glasses from rob.

      btw are you coming to the feb meet?

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    14. sororinanna 82 months ago | reply

      This is great, I hope my ex-boyfriend considers it as a possible test medication for his paranoid delusions that everyone in the world is out to get him. Implying they have time for that...

    15. Bubba  Willuk (Away) [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Nutcase Society,
      and we'd love to have this added to the group :o)

    16. dvanzuijlekom 11 months ago | reply

      Hi! I've used this image on a lecture page about tech-policy and privacy after 'Snowden'. It can be found here: Kerckhoffs Lecture. Thanks for sharing!

    17. -RobW- 11 months ago | reply

      Ha ha! Very appropriate :)

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