Adopted! Orphan kittens III

Two months old to the day, and eight weeks after their arrival at Chez Pennyroyal, the kittens have gone to their new home. I miss them already!


**Almost forgot - Frances is now Csilla, and Dora is now Tunda. **


**Today the kittens are eight weeks old, and they have an approved adopter! They'll stay with me another week and go home to their wonderful new family!**

These kits were born on St. Patrick's Day in a window well in Baltimore. One kitten had already died of exposure, so Dar risked life and limb to rescue the rest, but couldn't get the feral mother. Without the mom, the babies require full-time care for the next couple of weeks until they're able to feed and potty themselves.

I offered to take them from Dar so that she wouldn't lose her job!

You can see Dar's photos of these kits while she had them at

Sadly, Charles, the little white spotted kitten, was born with multiple birth defects, and had to be put to sleep at two weeks of age. It was a short life, but at least he was able to find a soft, warm spot before it was over.

I've moved the videos out of this set so that it makes a better slideshow. You can see them at
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