Annular Solar Eclipse over Wukoki Pueblo

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    When I started researching locations to shoot this weekend's solar eclipse, I knew almost immediately I wanted to try to capture it over something ancient--it seemed the perfect setting for an astronomical phenomenon that touches something primal inside all of us. Looking at the path the eclipse would follow, the Wukoki Pueblo at Wupatki National Monument was my obvious choice, and my research showed the setting eclipsed sun would descend directly over the pueblo.

    This image is two exposures, blended by hand in Photoshop (not HDR, and not a composite). I took one exposure for the pueblo, and one with a solar filter to get a crisp shot of the eclipsed sun. This is where being an auto-didact pays off: I've never shot anything like this before (this is my first attempt at any kind of astrophotography, not counting the occasional moon image), and with a little reading and research, I found the info online I needed to buy the materials and instructions to craft my own solar filter. Thank goodness everything worked as expected!

    This was such an amazing thing to witness--I was so absorbed in watching the eclipse through my eclipse viewer that I almost forgot to start clicking the shutter when the eclipse reached maximum! There was a HUGE crowd at Wupatki National Monument to view the eclipse, clustered primarily at the various groupings of ruins. I'm fascinated with the apparently universal desire among all us humans to witness phenomena like this.

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    1. Northern Straits Photo 34 months ago | reply

      Couldn't be any better Robin, I love it!

    2. Steph Sawyer Photography (on and off) 34 months ago | reply

      Amazing what you caught here! I was such a lame ass and didn't even think of trying to get an image.

    3. davidlepnyc 34 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot, as always.

    4. ihatefog 34 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot and a great description, too.

    5. alh1 34 months ago | reply

      Lucky you 0 the last we had in the UK was marred by cloud (inevitably) so this is a very rare sight.

    6. faye-g 33 months ago | reply


    7. little m:) 33 months ago | reply

      and this is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      AWARD WINNER, beotch!!!!!!!

    8. Kris L Riley 33 months ago | reply

      Wow!!!! Fantastic planning and location!

    9. Sayid Budhi 33 months ago | reply

      amazing !!!!!!

    10. KimbaRDMC 33 months ago | reply

      My friend, you continually amaze me with your talent and resourcefulness! You've come a long way from our days in DC girl! Hope you don't mind my sharing your images with my friends on Facebook - I'm that proud of you!

    11. Steven Christenson 32 months ago | reply

      Robin: "davidpatterson04" appears to be a spammer. You may want to delete the "Hey Awsome (sic) clicks." comments and block this user.

      I see this person posted the same content on at least three images. I don't have the temerity to follow the link. Probably malware or other spam.

    12. Robin Black Photography 32 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Steven--I agree, and I've blocked him.

    13. philipleemiller 29 months ago | reply

      there's nothing like Eclipse watching. It is primal and communal. many thanks for your contribution to our nascent super group.

      Seen and highly appreciated in Apollo and Dionysus

      ... featuring only the highest quality images.
      Seen in the group"Apollo and Dionysus (Moderated)" ( ?² )

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