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Fading sunset at Valley View (Yosemite National Park) | by Robin Black Photography
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Fading sunset at Valley View (Yosemite National Park)

I was shooting Horsetail Falls Saturday night with so-so results, but at the same time watching the sky all over the valley just explode with color in a way I hadn't witnessed while I was in the park before (oh, the many sunsets where I've been skunked there...). So, with Edie Howe calling after me "You'll never make it in time!" as I pulled up stakes at Horsetail and dashed towards the west end of the valley, I watched that incredible color grow a little fainter--but not completely gone.


When I pulled into the parking lot at Valley View--the one place I could 1. get to in time to still catch color, and 2. not have to hike to get a good comp--most of the other photographers were packing up and leaving. I didn't have time to trudge though the snow and ice (and man, was there a lot of ice!) around the side of the parking lot to my preferred spot a little farther west on the riverbank (much better foreground possibilities), so I more or less skated (not on purpose) across an ice sheet to the edge of the sidewalk, plopped down my tripod and managed to get about six shots before the best light had passed. The color and clouds would last well after sunset, as evidenced by the pic I posted a few days ago, but I was only able to get a little of that warm light on El Capitan before the sun slid too far below the crest.


(looking at this again on my computer at work--view large, if you can; looks much better that way)

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Taken on February 5, 2011