Dur Reg OGS Ted Barris - Rush to Danger Nov 5 2019
Ted Barris: a highly gifted, passionate, knowledgeable, writer & speaker with deep understanding. I have been fortunate to have had the chance to hear him a number of times, every time I jump at the chance & am never disappointed.

Do go & hear him anytime you can & yes buy his books - All of them - they are incredibly well written.

This night he was speaking at the Durham Region Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society - now also called Ontario Ancestors.

There were a few special extras - 2 unrelated people present both of which had relatives that were among the few that survived the sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland.

One of the ladies also brought a family members nursing sisters cape from WWI amazing to get a chance to see it close up. Very nice wool - by coincidence I was wearing my warm wool topcoat from Churchills-Crossings Menswear in Oshawa - the fabrics were very similar. Amazing how some things like good quality wool are timeless.
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