Trinity Street, Cambridge

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    I was initially attracted to this building by the orange glow at the window.

    This is actually a composite of four exposures - one for the sky at high ISO to freeze the clouds. One for the building, one for the road which happened to be lit by a passing car, and another at high ISO of the building which was used to remove unwanted light trails from passing traffic.

    Canon 5D, Sigma 12-24mm, shutter release, tripod
    15mm, f/8-f/11, ISO 200 - 1600, 4 secs - 160 secs

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    1. monkeyleader 118 months ago | reply

      Really nice shot - you know I can't picture where this building is in Cambridge. Probably walked past it lots ! Must keep an eye out for it in the future !

    2. Robert Seber 118 months ago | reply

      It's nearish to John's College I think.

    3. Andrew Stawarz 118 months ago | reply

      Nice work Robert, got a 5D now I see. The building is on the corner of the square where they hold the craft fair opposite St John's college entrance and next to the Post Office/Trinket shop on Trinity.

    4. paul messerschmidt (europe) 118 months ago | reply

      Nicely put together from the four exposures. I've noticed too that passing cars headlights can sometimes be handy for filling in the shadows - saves you some work with the torch!

    5. mattpa 118 months ago | reply

      Strange how you can walk past a place so many times without appreciating it. I had never noticed that turret on the corner before

    6. . Andrew Dunn . 118 months ago | reply

      Nicely done - I like it. The colours have come out well too considering how tricky ambient street lighting can usually be.

      The Oriel(?) turret on this building caught my eye when I spotted it with some storm lighting a week ago, but I've got a different picture in mind for it.

    7. Robert Seber 118 months ago | reply

      The lights were whiter than normal street lighting, plus I did a fair bit of white balance tweaking.

    8. Sir Cam @camdiary 118 months ago | reply

      brilliant night capture(s), robert! thanks for the background info!

    9. asnacr 118 months ago | reply

      Beautifully done.

    10. jspkt2005 118 months ago | reply

      Beautiful HDR!!

    11. Robert Seber 118 months ago | reply

      Interesting you should say that because it isn't HDR.

    12. Lewosky 118 months ago | reply

      Nice building... great night-shot!

    13. Linda Strickland 118 months ago | reply

      Kind of mysterious! There's a door open downstairs with lights on in the hallway and one window to the right, but everywhere else it's pitch black except for one room at the top. A very cool pic which looks like it has a story.

    14. Nathan White 117 months ago | reply

      Reminds me of the invisible house in Harry Potter.

    15. ian of leam 117 months ago | reply

      There is something quite eery about this! But it's a beautiful shot.

    16. Loopsta 116 months ago | reply

      Nice blends on this Robert, worked out very nice.

    17. gecko.greece 112 months ago | reply

      good job with the light, but you failed with the perspective correction, plus there is not enough room over the building.

      if possible shoot from a longer distance and not too much wide angle....then you have less distortion
      use the blue hour then you can user shorter time and lower ISO

    18. Robert Seber 112 months ago | reply

      failed with the perspective correction

      I didn't try to do any. How would you anyway?

      there is not enough room over the building

      Wasn't possible without tilting the camera backwards (looks terrible with an ultra-wide) or standing on a large ladder (not practical). I suppose extra shots and some stiching maybe, but that would mess up the clouds.

      shoot from a longer distance

      Wasn't possible - I was backed up against a wall. Hence the use of an ultra-wide lens.

    19. gorgeous insect [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Stunning image.

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