Enzo's Meat Research
One Way to Unschool
A Twelve-step Program

Get an idea
1. see, hear, smell, taste, touch something interesting (What's the deal with meat?)
2. obsess about it (think and dream about your new interest)

Do your research
3. find several books at home, in the library, in the bookstore (see exhibit A)
4. look online
5. watch videos*
6. take a field trip (to the supermarket in this case, see exhibit B)

Record what you find
7. take notes
8. take photographs (see exhibit B)
9. sketch (see exhibit C)

Put your new-found knowledge to work
10. make something** (plush is always a good medium, see exhibit D)
11. show someone, let them know all that you've learned (like your parents, your friends, or the people on Flickr)

Something else catches your eye
12. go back to step 1

*Video found serendipitously while passing by your father's computer as he begins to watch a video on a related blog post even though he has no idea you've spent the last several days lost in a
world of meat.

**Enzo's research also included plenty of cooking, unfortunately we don't have any photos of that.

One final note to provide perspective:
Enzo was six when he did this project.

Update: After spending a few months in Buenos Aires at age seven, Enzo became fascinated with salami and other cured meats. His interest in meat in general also resurfaced. By the time he had turned eight, he had also dressed as a butcher for Halloween. Since then we created an installation in San Diego using his and his sister's drawings. See images at South Park Quality Meats.
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