Lady justice

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    The statue in my office of Themis - goddess of Justice (or Miranda if you're an Ancient Roman). *This photograph made the "Explore" list here on Flickr for March 8, 2007 (number 221)*.

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    1. ships_knight 87 months ago | reply

      Great shot...Love the dof, and the extreme clarity, wish law was that clear.
      watchin you..

    2. wish u were here (off contemplating life) [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      great shot...I wish the law was balanced!!!!!
      **** I found this photo following a set link in the Explore My Sets - Add 1, Comment/Fave 3 Group ****

    3. Kata_rzis [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      JUSTICE ABOVE ALL!!! Great shot!!!! (c:

      People's Choice

    4. llisa_2000 80 months ago | reply

      Great photo - will be adding to under section on Money and Divorce. Thanks!

    5. ddbps 75 months ago | reply

      I'm finding this quite comforting...
      Looking for Justice for Miranda... may I use your photo?
      to see why go to:

      Debbe, Miranda's mother.

    6. ty777 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Statues of People found Around the world, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. HansWobbe 67 months ago | reply

      Tag!... Your photo has been tagged with "FrHwoFavs".
      Please accept this invitation to post it to the Group's pool.

    8. cristianeucam2000 63 months ago | reply

      Hello my name is Cristane, I am Brazilian( Rio de Janeiro) and I liked it very much fot of the statue. Can I use it on my site? You give me permission? email:

    9. r.vary 60 months ago | reply

      Hi. My name is Rachael Vary. I was wondering if I could use your photo in a brochure for a courtroom? If you could e-mail me and let me know, that would be wonderful. My e-mail is Thank you.

    10. FrogMiller 57 months ago | reply

      Technical information for those that are curious: I took this photograph indoors using the Canon Rebel XT, coupled with the Canon 17-24 L Lens, and used the Canon Speedlite Flash bounced off the ceiling for illumination.

    11. Analía Dobbelsteen 56 months ago | reply

      Hello, i would like to use your photo in a design too, can I? My e-mail is analia083 @ Thank you.

    12. Paul N. C. 56 months ago | reply

      Hi. Can I use this beautiful picture on my blog (French) ?
      Thanks in advance.

    13. LadyJusticeLDA 54 months ago | reply

      Love both the photo and the sculpture itself! Whom is this sculpture by; artist? Would love to get one for my bookcase! Thankx

    14. bfrohlich 49 months ago | reply

      Thanks a bunch for the use of your image. I included it in my blog article titled Customers Sue Banks for Compliance.

    15. deita79 39 months ago | reply

      Just a heads up that this isn't Artemis, it's either Themis (the Titan) or Dike (or the Roman version of Dike) any of which is associated with justice. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. It is a nice statute though.

    16. ddbps 34 months ago | reply

      It is Themis, I just saw this latest post of yours and so I looked into it. easy enough to mistaked. so closely the same.

      Justitia Justistia? in roman ancient times, i read had meaning of miranda... i have a sculpture my dear friends gave to me, made of white ? anyhow, she had the sword, the balance are free standing in her hand I may have photo on my page ... just look up Justice.
      I'm stilling waiting on Miranda's Right to Justice. . . almost 4 years this August. Now this is not swift justice by any means. and I don't believe in usa governmental justice system any much more than any other system. i only wish it to be fair balanced and just.
      Thanks for the updates and repsonses to everyone, including the gentleman who took the photo of his statue... She is beautuiful... or to learn of my Miranda... and our ridiculous justice system I pray won't fail her, as it has in so many cases similar... thanks for reading... xoxo Deb

    17. ddbps 29 months ago | reply

      Justice to a degree less than charged by plea bargaining in the death of a person, isn't truly Justice. To many there is no Justice. and I've been told to take / accept what is given. I don't accept... It was a deal made between the two attorneys and no jury will ever hear the evidence of what happened to my Miranda. ( 6 )six years for admitting to Voluntary Manslaughter, when he was facing 25 to life, is hardly Justice. and no comfort to those in the area when he is released. Justice is here to protect rights. Victims have no protection. The ones who die, have no voice. The families of those dead and silenced, are also silenced, and not given a voice, until all is said and done in court of law, of which -then it is too late. I don't believe in this system any longer, both sides are equally unjust, and only serving themselves. Not a public service, imho... 11-20-2011 I still admire the statue.... she brought me hope, and yes- some belief until this end.

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