Kingston University Foundation Application
I am very excited by what foundation level study has to offer; my work is informed by a wide range of interests and disciplines – particularly music, literature and performance - and I believe a course in which practice is influenced by a new skill set and peer group would be very valuable. I am increasingly interested in art theory and this has given my practical work a new context: I thought of Kapoor's pigment heaps when reading about Kant's aesthetics and 'purposeful purposelessness', and discovering work such as Schwitters' Merzbau has developed my interest in the immersive environment. Much of the work I have produced recently has been concerned with this idea of the total artwork, and I am interested in pursuing installation art as a new immersive medium. Whiteread has been a source of great inspiration in her use of sculpture as installation and her site specific work illustrating art as a response to an environment. I have also worked extensively with projections, inspired largely by Bill Viola's video art, and have used them in a three dimensional context, combining my interest in Moore, Hepworth and sculptural forms with film and contemporary technology. Studying music has complemented and inspired my art - an understanding of symphonic structures such as sonata form and cyclic form has shaped the compositional and thematic structuring of my film work. I am therefore very interested to explore my interests both sculpturally and with film, and in two and three dimensions, and I believe a foundation course would be the best place for me to do this. At this stage I am most interested by the combination of academic and practical study in Fine Art and I would like to peruse this at degree level, but I am equally excited by possible new directions.
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