San Antonio Senior Softball League
"If you build it, they will come." Senior Softball

SAN ANTONIO - Today the saying "If you build it they will come" prove to be so true. I and perhaps many others would not have thought of finding a sporting event in the middle of Normoyle Park that would be so inspiring.

It was a baseball team mainly composed of players 60 years and older. While their stride and agility was no longer that of a high school player, their enthusiasm and spirit seem to be ageless. I spoke with several of the players and I can say they all wore their age as a badge of honor and rightfully so.

The teams are part of the San Antonio Senior Softball League, a nonprofit corporation which was chartered under the State of Texas to "promote the physical and mental fitness a senior citizens through participation in senior sports and specifically senior softball". According to their website ( they have over 500 registered senior males ranging in ages 40-85.

I personally recommend attending their games, especially if you are of retirement age or older. It is sure to raise your spirit.
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