Liz, Jay, Timber and Aspen - going up!

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    This are my sister Elizabeth, her fiancee Jason, and the world's two most adorable husky dogs, Timber and Aspen.

    1. follesoe 98 months ago | reply

      Awsome dogs! Looks just like the once in "eight below". Seen the movie?

    2. Rob Burke 98 months ago | reply

      I haven't yet, it but these indeed are huskies like the ones in "eight below" :)

      These are my sister Elizabeth, her fiancee Jason, and two of the most adorable husky dogs. And they're mighty enough that I'm sure they could pull a sled if they needed to.

      Then again, you must see sights like this in Norway too, right? ;)

    3. follesoe 98 months ago | reply

      It's not common to have husky as a familiy dog. One of my old teachers in Lakselv where into dogsledges, and one of the "courses" i took was "wildlife", so we where often outside skiing and dogsleding into the mountina.

      How ever, his dogs, beeing "real working sledge dogs" didn look as movie-fabelous as these two ;) Allso think it's quite common to use mixed breed dogs for sledge riding.

      The Husky is adopted to an artic environment, and will never use all their energy on one race. The reason is that they should be able to run after some prai, and fail, and still have powers left to hunt again. So go get the fastest dogs it's quite common to "mix" in other races as well, such as english grayhound, pointer etc.

      PS: My Gamertag is SnowJoy

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