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Sheksy new car! BMW 520d | by Rob Ellis'
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Sheksy new car! BMW 520d

So me and my dad took his new car out to these exotic mountains, honestly! I mean, who wouldnt! Because obviously we can afford that :P


All jokes aside, I'll write up how I processed the image, but what I will say is that the background image is NOT mine, I pulled it off google images, I would credit the original photographer but the website link brought up a fake computer virus scan, which would end up virusing up my laptop, bad times :P


Got back from school and saw this on the drive, thought it would be good to get some shots before it ends up caked in mud!



Original BMW photo processed in lightroom:

Increase vibrancy, decrease saturation, up clarity and contrast, desaturate car body and sharpened.


In photoshop:

Placed background on the background layer.

Pasted in the BMW image.

Incredibly carefully masked the car to remove the original background and show through the new one.

Added a drop shadow to the car.

Dodged and burned image selectively to show the curvature of the car.

Attempted to match the BMW processing look on the background to create a more believable photo.

Added a solid colour adjustment layer (sepia/brownish).

Set blend mode to colour.

Masked through the sky to keep the blue and decreased the opacity to 50%

Decreased overall saturation.

Added a very feint lens flare.



Hope you like, any comments/critique/thoughts would be totally epically amazingly stupidly awesome! :)


Rob :~D


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Taken on April 21, 2011