Best Buy, You Disappoint Me

I woke up today ready to purchase Guitar Hero Encore for the PS2. Most of you know what an avid fan I am of Guitar Hero. I flipped through Best Buy's website and found a deal to my liking...


Guitar Hero Encore Priced at $39.99 with a free Gift Card for $15


I thought... "I'll take it!"


Hmmm, but I would like to play it today, so I checked out the Best Buy store advertisement. The ad read...




"Oh goody!" I thought. "I can be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail."


When I arrived there were stacks of games and I gingerly plucked one out of the bin and scurried over to the counter. The gal rang up my purchase and said the canned "thanx for coming to best bu.... mumble mumble." I inquired about my free $15 gift card. She didn't know what I was talking about. I grabbed an ad and showed her. She said "I don't know, you have to go to customer service. "sigh* I thought "why can't anything be easy with these stores." We walked over to customer service and the guy behind the counter said "I don't know, we could ask Carlos about it but he just went to lunch." *sigh* again! I thought "How long am I supposed to wait for CARLOS to get off his lunch break and fix this? Why can't anyone explain to me what the problem is?"


After waiting around for awhile some other girl who was supposed to be an authority figure came to the counter and all three of them hovered over the ad as she read it aloud. It was like story time at the customer's expense. She said "I think you have to buy more than just the game. I think you gotta buy 2 Guitar Hero games. I said "Are you sure? Cause you sound like you are guessing." She didn't like that I was confronting her on this topic and focused her attention away from me and on her screen and started typing. I mentioned that the print ad offers a $15 gift card and the website offers the same deal. She said "The website is different from us." In the end they refused to give me a gift card so I returned the game and got my money back.


I arrived home empty handed and angry for wasting my time. I returned to the website and bought the game WITH the free gift card. The website informed me that I could receive my game in as early as 7-10 days. I thought "this is such a joke."


Just moments ago I received an email from Best Buy that my purchase is on "Backorder." So, who knows when I'll get my game?


Best Buy, You disappoint me. Your employees are uneducated, your customer service is terrible and your advertisements and promotions are misleading. It is a such a displeasure to shop in your store.

  • FireFawkes 8y

    Grrr! I know of a few stores over here that try to get away with the same thing. Usually a word with the manager sorts it out, customer is always right and all that...
  • Franco 8y

    I just asked my roommate who got the game yesterday with this deal and he said you might have had to preorder it online which he did. He ordered and paid online but chose the option to pick it up in the store. I dont know, but I wouldnt get too upset about it, the game is absolutely horrible. We beat it last night on Expert incredibly quickly, everything is rehashed GH2 but with neon colors, Death is the only extra character, no outfits, no extra songs, all the same exact guitars and finishes, no extra videos, its way too easy and on top of that the songs are shit.
  • Tom 8y

    They disapoint me also. I used to shop at best buy alot. It would be abnormal for me to go a week without going in there and getting something. I've had enough bad experiences since then and have learned that they just don't know what they are doing. Not to mention their prices are not all that good anymore. Whenever I shop around for electronics I almost always can find a better deal elsewhere if I take 5 minutes and look online. Best Buy they are not...
  • ddc95 8y

    its probably too late cause you purchased it aleady but always call ..ali is right!! i walked into the store today same as you brought the game to the register(it is sold out on the website but they had like 20 in the store) they told me to go to customer service.. i did then the guy explained that i had to buy both i said it didn't say that.. i asked for the corporate number.. 15 min on the phone with them ..they told me that that offer was no longer available . i told them it said valid through the 28th of july anyway long story short i walked out with the game and an apology and should be receiving the gift card in a couple weeks..
  • Action Girl 8y

    you REALLY should call!!!!!! I had an issue with some photos at Sam's Club when I lived upstate and talked to the manager and i got my pics for free and a $25 gift card.

    I also had an issue with a manager refusing to put peanutbutter on my bagel at Panera (um, what? its a food service place) so I asked for the corp. number and his name and he refused to give me his name. I was travelling to see my parents so I stopped at a different Panera and asked for the same thing and got it no problem. I later called corporate and explained what that manager did and they sent me a $15 voucher for free food and spoke with the manager.

    Point being if you feel you are wrong you should call, and tell them the story as calmly as possible and be SUUUUPERRRR nice and they'll bend over backwards to ensure you stay as a customer.
  • alison leah 8y

    seriously, call. emailing does nothing. call call call call. and maybe you don't want to deal with it anymore.. but just think, it's the principle now!
  • Joshua Garity 8y

    When I worked there one year during the holidays they literally just put me out on the Media floor (video games, cds, movies, software) without even a second of training.

    I didn't know how to use their computers to lookup inventory for people on the phone, didn't know where to find anything, etc etc.

    In recent years, I've realized they suck pretty heartily. We just don't have a good place to buy games and shit any more.

    Lets riot.
  • gina loves kitties 8y

    i know exactly what goes on behind the scenes there; todd used to work at bestbuy and the stuff he told me would curl your hair. i think a call to corporate would be a good idea. they have to be made to realize that they can't get away with this crap anymore, and i think we as the customers are the only ones who can impress that point on them. :/
    and don't ever get a service plan from best buy (not directed at you specifically, just in general...) it is the biggest scam & i believe you'll always live to regret it.
    they are nearly as shady as paypal! good luck, rob. that is bullshit.
  • alison leah 8y

    and did i mention that you should call corporate?
  • Rob Boudon 8y

    @ALISON LEAH - I wish someone would let me know what to do about this. I'm stumped, what would you do?
  • Tom 8y

    Rob, whatever you do DON'T call them!!! They have tiny lazors in the phone lines that'll blast your brain and cause you terrible headaches and it'll control your mind so you don't know what your doing!!! I think alison has already been mind lazored!... That's why she want's you to call so bad... It's SPREADING like a mind lazor epidemic!!!
  • NikonD80 Back At Dentist Mon 8y

    look up the atty general of NY STate. Also FTC has a consumer complaint hotline. I have used both.
  • Carl 8y

    MTB said they have tiny lasers in the phone lines that'll blast your brain and cause you terrible headaches. i would listen to him.....
    never can be too sure about what the company has up their sleeves to keep you coming back with no further complaints........
    one shot to your tympanics and.................. you are a goner.........
  • Brad 8y

    Yep, same experience here at two Best Buys that I TRY to shop in. Funny how a company can suck all across the nation in the same ways.
  • Clarence 8y

    People forget what customer service actually is... someone comes in to my store (even if I am the lowest person in rank) with an ad like that, and they get the gift card,, or $15 ,,, or something besides "Carlos isn't here",, that's BS!!!
  • Francisco 8y

    Man, that SUCKS!!!

    I know what it feels like... I'm also a Guitar Hero fan, as a matter of fact, I've had the opportunity to work with the makers of the game (Harmonix) but now Activision owns the franchise so I will no longer be able to check out any new Guitar Hero games...

    I guess I'm gonna have to settle for Rock Band for PS3 before it's released.
  • Félix Dénommé 7y

    If it can reassure you, Best Buy sucks in Canada too !

    When I went to buy Guitar Hero 3 on Xbox360, not too long ago, they had an offer where they were giving you a guitar stand with it (a $15 crappy thingy). I was completely unaware of it so when the gum-munching cashier told me about it I was really happy.

    I ran to grab a guitar stand and brought it to the counter. She typed a bit on her keyboard and, looking confused, she called a collegue, saying she couldn't enter it in the machine.

    The new guy tried to type it too and then, they called another guy. He arrived, walking slowly, taking his time.

    Still smiling, I was telling myself "ah, they can take their time if they give me some free crap !".

    The new guy typed a bit on the keyboard and couldn't enter it in the machine. They grabbed the ad and read it... they were only giving the stand when you bought the game with guitar in it, not the one that was only the game.

    But I was buying the game AND an extra guitar... isn't it the same ?

    So, in the end, I waited like 15 minutes for absolutely nothing. And, just like you, they seemed to not know what they were doing, even if they were three.
  • parabol46 7y

    Email corporate from there website or call the store and ask for an operations of those two options should give you a Best But gift card...hey I know ya don't wanna go back in but, at least you'll get something for free:)
  • Eric 6y

    I would've have lost it...and called BB customer service in store. There is no way I would've left the store without the GC. But I know this was posted awhile ago. I haven't shopped at BB in forever because of crap like this. I just wish they would stop playing the games and either (a) not offer these "deals" anymore or (b) just give you the flipping GC. GAH!

    Found in a search. (?)
  • Sanjeev Sharma 4y

    This image expresses the expectations of a customer from the service standpoint. We have used this on our article 7 Effective Customer Service Strategies. Many thanks for the expressive photograph.
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