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Register To Vote! | by Rob Boudon
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Register To Vote!

In many cities, today is the last day to REGISTER TO VOTE So if you haven't, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???


I took this picture of Courtney on November 2nd, 2004, just as we were on our way to the voting booths in Spanish Harlem. The race was between George W. Bush and John Kerry and I remember leaving the voting booths with such confidence that change was on the way.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I subscribe to NO PARTY and I believe that partisan politics are harmful to this country. As much as I want to vote for someone outside the Republican or Democratic party, THIS TIME the stakes are too high.


Back in 2000, the major choice was between Al Gore and George W. Bush and popular opinion was that no matter who we voted for, we were going to get the same outcome. History will show that we couldn't have been more wrong. In 2000, I threw my support behind third parties to try and shake up this process and bring the right kind of change faster. Now we are even father from that dream than we were back then.


It's all about baby steps, people. This year I'm voting for Barack Obama because we can't afford to do things the way we've done them for the past 8 years. And just like any candidate I vote for, I'll be ready to criticise them when they don't hold up to their campaign promises. I really want to believe in what Barack Obama says about the changes he wants to make to this country and I plan to hold him to that.


Blind support of our leaders is the last thing we need. It's critical thinking and the ability to look past partisianship that should prevail.



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Taken on November 2, 2004