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Typical Night... | by Rob Boudon
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Typical Night...

Living with Katya (Katyusha) is a unique experience. Let's run through a typical night...


We both arrive home around 6PM-ish, she had a photo shoot and I'm coming home from 5th Avenue. She begins talking about the shoot, I'm going on about the Macworld Keynote which was this morning. Katya breaks into "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin, singing and prancing around the room. She begins fondling her breasts in front of me, I raise an eyebrow and say "Um... are you OK?" "I think my breasts are getting bigger" she quips. "Hmmm" I say, "OK, you got my attention, let's see..." After some mild groping... "I don't know darlin', they feel about the same to me." She retorts "Well, I think they got bigger." I'm playing a vid of the new Macbook Air... "Look at this Macbook, incredible huh?" She grabs her Macbook and with a big smile, announces that her new videos are up on You Tube. At first, I'm interested cause I shot half of the video that was taken that night, and I sit and watch a few with her. Soon I head back over to my compy and she continues playing the same song over and over again. I'm like "Didn't you say you were going out tonight?" "I am" she says "I just want to watch my video one more time." I remind her that she's already watched the same video 3 TIMES ALREADY! This gets a big laugh as she realizes how absorbed she is by watching herself. When the song ends she says "Just one more time." I'm like "Are you freakin' kidding me?" I pull my camera out, which she happily smiles for *click*. "Thanx" I say "I just realized what I'm blogging about tonight." She finishes the video and says "Just one more time." This gets a huge laugh from both of us.


Soooo, I guess the point is that I love this girl, she always cracks me up. I consider her one of my best friends, and I really enjoy having her around... even if she does eat all of my pita bread and hummus. :P


The videos she was watching are here...


SIREN written by Katyusha

CREEP written by Radiohead


ROXANNE written by The Police

I'M ALIVE written by Katyusha


FUGITIVE written by Katyusha

MY PERFECT WORLD written by Katyusha



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Taken on January 15, 2008