SD 1/3: Gothic Romance
This doll was inspired by the theme of the 2011 Metrodolls charity luncheon -- it was "Gothic Romance." I wanted to create a look that was dark and very romantic. In my glass hobby, I often work with mosaic. I liked the idea of incorporating glass into her costume. And all the symbolism of broken glass, reassembled beautifully really worked for my concept of dark / yet romantic.

The doll is an Alice in Labyrinth head on a Dollstown 13 Girl body. I painted her face and made her wig. I made the dress. The lace overlay on the skirt is a silk blend from France. The lace overlay on the blouse is vintage. The underdress is silk. The corset is mosaic glass. The flowers were cut from old tea cups. The glass was ground and applied to a structure of cotton, felt, velvet and leather to make the corset. This is my favorite doll project to date.
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