theo in shirt

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    I know it is so awful, dressing your pet, but ever since I saw this bunny in a sweater on cuteoverload, I knew that Theo needed more clothes (gasp, I never knew she was naked before then!)
    Please disregard all the bajillion comforters in the background.
    Today Matt and I went to Old Navy and saw they had a whole line of dog clothes. When I saw this striped number I knew it was meant to be, but somebody should tell that to her because she was not happy having it put on her. I was a little worried after the "Harness debacle of 2003" It is a little loose and her fur is so slick that when she takes steps its starts sliding off, but I think if I wash and dry it enough times it will shrink up to fit perfect.

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    1. travelingrhinos 106 months ago | reply

      so cute I can hardly stand it.

    2. stat1995 106 months ago | reply

      Ok. If you start knitting sweaters for Theo I'm going to be worried about you, sis. Hey maybe you could spin up some yarn using her fur, and then knit her a sweater with it. How creepy would that be? I must admit, it is cute...but is it torture?

    3. fliptopgirl 106 months ago | reply

      oh, YES!! I laughed out loud. love your little book, your sketches, etc. may I add you as a contact?

    4. mat680606 106 months ago | reply

      Cute Cute Cute .. i love rabbit too .... ^_____^

    5. rabbittobunny 106 months ago | reply

      She is so cute in the sweater! I never thought of dressing my bunnies!

    6. mind.abyss 106 months ago | reply

      GREAT PHOTO! Theo you are very beautiful bunny-lady!!! $:o)

      Robayre, I don't think it is awful to dress your pet, if your pet likes it! There are some pets that enjoy wearing clothens and play with them. Theo seems to be cool with her T-shirt and enjoy photographing.

    7. liontamer213 100 months ago | reply

      holy hell ... enough people commented on this... thought i should share my two cents, too. i will be posting pix of the cockapoos i watched over christmas break. one of them had an argyle sweater. smitten i tell ya. i was smitten!

    8. liontamer213 100 months ago | reply

      oh shit . i didnt even share my two cents. i think your striped outfit is fabulous. nothing wrong w/dressin your pets. -- uh, guess that's my two cents.

    9. emily_emily 97 months ago | reply

      There is a dog wearing the same shirt! so cute!

    10. robayre 97 months ago | reply

      Yes! Thanks for sharing Emily.

    11. bball10chic 94 months ago | reply

      Theo I love you and all of your adorable pictures!

    12. egle_k. 93 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called DECORATED Domestic Animals (Invitation only), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    13. mander_pander0013 87 months ago | reply

      omg i love your dutch

    14. serpentina666 81 months ago | reply

      OMG! this is to freakin cute X3 Im having a cute overload myself from looking at her in that cute wittle sweater <3333

    15. pink.wellies 75 months ago | reply

      It should be wrong but he looks soooo cute so it must be ok !!!

    16. Ben van der Willik 68 months ago | reply

      Those stripes so don't go with the white paws.....

      Sooooo adorable!

      Found in a search. (?)

    17. Maureclaire 67 months ago | reply

      Toooooo kewt !!!

    18. Croczech [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      little model :p

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