June 2008: The Great Outdoors - Park Rapids, Minnesota
Pat has mentioned many times over the past several years about wanting to visit Minnesota. As a child, it was his family's vacation destination of choice, and he also visited several times as an adult, the last being 1995.

Other than our journey to the Twine Ball in November 2005, I had not been to Minnesota. So, we thought a trip to "The Great Outdoors" would be a fine idea.

One of my favorite movies is "The Great Outdoors" starring Dan Aykroyd and the late, great comedian, John Candy. The film epitomizes the family northwoods vacation and our experience reflected that - everything reminded me of something from the movie.

We didn't have a 96-ounce steak, rent a jet boat or encounter a bald-headed bear, but we had fun and enjoyed the beautiful country anyway. We stayed at a resort called Sleeping Fawn, located about 12 miles northeast of Park Rapids.

I took nearly 550 photos, though I bracketed alot...either way, this set will be a work in progress so check back often or subscribe by RSS. Thanks!
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