Kodak Fotomat, 1960's

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    1. KONGA7200 80 months ago | reply

      after school we would knock on the window and RUN away. Photomat was VERY expensive , as I remember.

    2. BeckieH 71 months ago | reply

      The colour in this shot are gorgeous... was this photo actually taken in the 1960's?

    3. Roadsidepictures 65 months ago | reply

      What did Snow White say to the guy at Fotomat? Some day my prints will come...

    4. Miss Shari 65 months ago | reply

      LOL - I was just reading MeFi and ended up here! It's about time MetaFilter discovered your greatness, Allen. :)

      (P.S. Check out my FB status. Any ideas?)

    5. Roadsidepictures 65 months ago | reply

      Heh, yeah, I noticed this image was getting a lot of action today. I have no clue what MeFi is.

    6. Lobby Film 65 months ago | reply

      This looks like the one on Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. I used to work at the one on Sunland Blvd. in Sun Valley.

    7. Miss Shari 65 months ago | reply

      MetaFilter(.com) showcases "the best of the web," sometimes with just one link, or sometimes with a bunch of links around one topic. (Like the Fotomat story.) You definitely qualify!

    8. da90027 65 months ago | reply

      Awesome I love the Fiat too.

    9. Smithsonian Institution 52 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the Creative Commons license! Your photo has been included in a blog post at the Smithsonian Institution Archives' THE BIGGER PICTURE: blog.photography.si.edu/2011/01/04/organizing-digital-pho...

      Smithsonian Institution Archives

    10. da90027 52 months ago | reply

      Digital cameras have put just about every Photo shop out of business. In 1981 or I interviewed for a job at Fotomat but they didn't hire me, I don't know why, they probably did me a favor.

    11. romleys 51 months ago | reply

      and chance you could rescan this one in higher quality?

    12. flee the cities 45 months ago | reply

      We had these in Georgia (I remember my parents using them in the early 80s when I was a kid) but they're all gone now... still have a bunch of 35mm prints in the FOTOMAT sleeves, though...

    13. Dave L2013 23 months ago | reply

      I think every photo I ever took (until late 1980-something) was taken to the fotomat. It sat in the driveway of the local plaza, just like the one pictured above.

    14. Tattoo Dave 20 months ago | reply

      I even love SAYING "Fotomat"! Thanks for posting this!

    15. Tattoo Dave 20 months ago | reply

      Wikipedia has a picture of a derelict Fotomat as an example of one-broken down, abandoned, forgotten... TRAGIC! They should use this image instead!

    16. fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed 11 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting. I'll have to show this to my wife.

      She worked at a lab that used an old Fotomat drive through for customer drop off and pickup. The actual lab, that did one-hour as well, was only 20 metres from the drive through.

      I know someone who owns a Fiat like above. I've driven the car and it's great fun. Little more than a street legal go-cart!

    17. InTheMist 6 months ago | reply

      Cool memory, thanks for sharing it!

    18. lindibess 6 months ago | reply

      I worked in a Fotomat in Napa Valley in the late 70's early '80's

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