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The Raritan Arsenal was an armory (arsenal) used by the United States Army from 1917 to 1963. After being decommissioned in 1963, the land got divided for other uses, including my college, Middlesex County College. As part of field work, I am scoping out all the buildings left from the old arsenal and detailing them here for future use by the National Park Service.

Portions of the lands are used for:

Raritan Center (and its owner Summit Associates)
Middlesex County College (the one I attend)
Heller Industrial Park
Middlesex County Parks Department /and/ Thomas Edison County Park
United States Department of Environmental Protection

Getting the #s for the 4 photographed buildings with no number.
Building S-100 - Child Care Center

Building S-101 - Near Nixon Gate, former residence

Building ? - North 2

Building S-134 - West Hall Annex

Building 142 & S-143, two buildings now under Lots 4 & 5.

Buildings 212 - 215 - Former warehouse demolished in 2005, now under residences.

Building 225 & 226 - Under L'Hommeideu Hall

Possible Building 228 - The former Arsenal firehouse, demolished and paved over as part of College Lot 6.

Building S-315

Building 326 - Former warehouse near MCC Ecological Park

Building 426 - Former college sewer treatment plant.

Building 465 - Another one of the Middlesex County Parks Department Buildings

Building 509 & 510

Building 120 - North 3