Fantasy Storybook House Model 12e (Color Corrected)

Scale model color corrected from the previous photo. The first time I downloaded this I didnt realize I had color correction on the scanner!


Some more models


Now we can see the window frames and stucco detail a little better. The window to the right over the door has an organic stain glass pattern to it. The double window below has a diamond criss cross in it. The doorknobs themselves are the heads of nails, the rust color is.. well.. rusty nail heads!


As an experiment I tried different patterns for each of the windows. I made wood masters, poured silicone rubber molds, then 2 part resin parts. It saves alot of time re-making components for other houses.


Roughly 24 inches tall mounted on a round base, interior lit. Please see the other photo in the stream that gives the scale better :)


All wood & rigid material construction. No clay, foamcore, card stock, fimo, super sculpey, etc..

  • Ron Nelson 6y

    Thank you! I think this one was about a month if it was full time (160-200 hours) but it is exterior only, and I was experimenting with different ideas, some of which I had to tear off and redo here and there :)
  • Pei Li's Miniatures 6y

    This is amazing!! And I look forward to seeing your bakery shop in a storybook style! :)
  • FromJapanWithLove - Japanese Kawaii Stationery 6y

  • Ron Nelson 6y

    Thank you! ...So far just the front door fabricated, but it has that curvey storybook feel already! Should be quite a bakery / sweetshop! :)
  • rossellavitale69 6y

    Wow!!!! Stunning!
  • Johanna Janhonen ~ Mini treasures 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Mini treasures, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • yfc_jema07 4y

    is this really situated somewhere? i'd like to know where this house was built.
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    Hi ycf, no there isn't a real one this was patterned after, its just built from a few sketches I did, then I kind of just added as I went along!
    Bavarian Cottage Model 12a by ~RND Modelshop

    I took the photo on a park bench that was near a valley so I had alot of distance without anything but sky.
  • Larisa Pravilovic 4y

    Very nice!
  • partydolly 4y

    This is incredible and so charming!
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    Thank you so much Larisa, I'm so glad you like it :)
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    Thank you Carole Anne, I plan on making one thats just 1/2 and be a wall hanging, so its not so big on table space, yet still have all the detail & depth on the front face :)
  • Zoe M 4y

  • Ron Nelson 4y

    Thank you Woodland.
    I saw your figures on your own page, I would think they could be a nice compliment to houses in this style, given the correct match in scale of course!
  • Zoe M 4y

    That would be amazing . Its the perfect style for their home, my models vary in scale but some would fit. Could we use photoshop to bring the two together?
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    you could give it a try, Im sure they would look good if the scale & lighting was balanced, like they were there all along
  • Zoe M 4y

    will give it a go and show you the outcome : )
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    Thanks so much!
    If you post them on your page, please link back to this one so others can see where it originally came from :-)
  • Zoe M 4y

    Hi, the photoshop idea did not work out as the image sizes differed too much, oh well it was worth a try : )
  • Ron Nelson 4y

    awww thats too bad then, it would have been interesting to see. I guess its all in the resizing, plus color balance and shadows as well as scale :-)
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