Mata Ortiz :Blue Corn Gallery
Mata Ortiz. The valley is golden and hazy where El Indio, the mountain rising up from the river presiding over the smoke from ovens and fires. Morning at Marta's.

Potters have been lined up on the sunny side of the street since early light.

Eidell Wasserman is down making a run between Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the Denver Shows ; Eidel has been a trading Mata Ortiz Ollas for over 20 years. I learn a lot from watching her discerning eye. Her friends have come to help pack up the collection.

After a full Mexican breakfast of beans, rice, tortillas y huevos; fresh Papaya and coffee - the table is cleared and then filled with a menagerie of imagination expressed in Ollas, ceramic pots, in every shape, size, color ; painted,scratched, embossed, reliefed; fine and crude, simple and complex made by artists of all ages spanning into the third generation.

The line of people with cardboard boxes; laundry baskets; towels, baby blankets; and egg cartons will move along the fence as each waits their turn ; it will continue to move at a slow pace through out most of the day and into the next.

Each family, husband, wife, young person has their own style. - Maria, the mysterious and village eccentric smiles her toothless grin in her fushia scarf and plastic rosaries-

I make a few portraits - I am in amazement of the variety and just marvel at how many artists are waiting to have their work have the chance to be sold on the other side.

We will later meet at Spencer and Emi's on the way out ; editing photos and filing exportation papers via the internet.

Coffee; Dogs; Beautiful pots, Mennonite quilts; piles of books and manuscripts; All in a day in a life between the village and el Pueblo.

From our house to yours : )
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