Trinidad 2015
We did some interesting things, such as the Indian Caribbean Museum in Waterloo, which tells the history of the indentured servants that came from India (1845-1917). This sparked the idea of going to the National Archives one day in Port of Spain where we looked for Linda’s great-grandfather’s estate registry record in 1859 and actually found it! We went to church in Williamsville on two Sundays, and enjoyed the fellowship. We also went to the Pitch Lake, the only true pitch lake in the world, discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1595. We went to Maracas Beach on the north shore to swim, which is arguably the best beach in Trinidad. I want to thank Linda’s cousin, Neil, who helped us get there. And I also want to thank Denva, a good brother in the church, who took me and Reanna to the spectacular summit of Fort George, overlooking POS, and for taking us to the (abandoned) Satellite Tracking Station in the hills above Chaguaramas that played a role in the first transcontinental communications in 1960, plus the beach at Macqueripe, which is a nice place to swim. As always, so much to do, and so little time.
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