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Aptos Pier - Aptos, California, USA | by Rich Capture
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Aptos Pier - Aptos, California, USA



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This shot was only taken two days ago, but it feels like it was taken a lifetime ago. You see, yesterday was an epic marathon day of sorts. After shooting this shot in Aptos, Jave decided that we should go to the City on Thursday bright and early to try to get a shot of the Golden Gate with some cool Fog around it. Now, I've seen thousands of this particular shot over the years, but Jave was pretty riled up about it and it is a quintessential shot that all photographers should have in their portfolio. So I figure, what the hell. I guess I can get up at 4am to give it a shot. Conditions have been pretty optimal for that shot in San Francisco, and the only shot I have of it is on film. Time to give digital a shot. Well, suffice to say, it was a bust. We drove all the way to the city only to find the fog get thicker and thicker as we stood there waiting for sunrise. As I stood there, I thought to myself, "Just think Rich, all you had to do to get here for this absolutely crappy nothing, is go into the office last night at 8pm, eat crappy fast food, while working on a proposal for a client until 11pm. Then drive home, take a shower after getting all grungy from shooting Aptos pier that evening, get to bed by midnight, wake up at 4am, meet Jave and drive all the way up here, all for this. WONDERFUL !!!" Well, at least I got a couple of great shots yesterday in Aptos. This my friends, is more often then not, the price we pay for our passions. But we love it and move forward, thinking that tomorrow will bring that next special something. Here's to all you photographers out there, whether you get thousands of hits or comments or you get none. If its a part of who you are and you feel a connection with your images, there will always be a tomorrow for you to express yourself with this wonderful art form. Stay well and keep having fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend and lets hope these next storms bring us a wealth of photographic opportunities.


Enjoy :-)


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Tam's Friend Nat - working on finding out his Flickr name :-)

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Canon 5D Mark II

Exposure: 30sec

Aperture: f/13.0

Focal Length: 23 mm

ISO Speed: 50 (to get as even an exposure as possible)

Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f2.8L II

Tripod Gitzo 2531

Head Arca Swiss B1


1)Standard B+W UV that never leave my lens

2) Hi-Tech 1.2 Solid ND

3) Lee .6 & .9 soft edge ND grads (slightly staggered)


Thank you to all who stopped by to look at my other photos and comment and favorite them. It is much appreciated.

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Taken on February 17, 2010