Coit Tower Murals
Text from Wikipedia:

This art deco 210-foot (64-meter) unpainted reinforced concrete tower was dedicated in 1933. It was built with funds bequeathed by Lillie Hitchcock Coit, widow of a wealthy financier, by Arthur Brown Jr. and Henry Howard with murals by 26 different artists and numerous assistants. Two of the murals are of San Francisco Bay scenes painted by Spanish artist José Moya del Piño, who by then was a fulltime resident in the Bay Area. Most murals are done in fresco; The exceptions are one mural done in egg tempera (upstairs in the last room decorated) and the works done in the elevator foyer, which are oil on canvas. While most of the murals have been restored, a small segment (the spiral stairway exit to the observation platform) was not restored but durably painted over with epoxy surfacing. These murals in particular contained very "leftist" political and social themes related to the Great Depression and socialist political movements.
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