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Day 19 - A special place | by rob.knight
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Day 19 - A special place

I feel lucky in that there have been many special places in my life. When I was in kindergarten, I would come home from school and sit under the citrus trees in our backyard and my mom would bring me grape juice and we’d talk about my day (all three hours of kindergarten–big day).


My grandpa’s 10-acre farm in Washington state is one of the most special places I have ever been in my life.


In high school, my friends and I always drove up to Lick Observatory to sit in the cold and talk about the girls we had crushes on (but didn’t have the guts to talk to in person).


Once I had a car of my own, I’d drive my friends to Santa Cruz late at night and we’d sit on a bench at the end of the wharf and we’d–wait for it–talk about the girls we had crushes on (but didn’t have the guts to talk to in person).


Lately I’ve found that my special place is anywhere I can wander around unnoticed with my camera. It might sound cheesy, but I just appreciate being able to take photos of people and places without expectation or pressure.


When I attended one of UCSC’s commencement ceremonies last Saturday, I dressed nice and put on my ID badge to give myself an appearance of official-ness. But I didn’t approach anyone in an official capacity and I didn’t try to go anywhere the public wasn’t allowed. I just wandered around, mostly by myself, snapping photos of things I saw. I was in a special place full of great energy and inspiring scenes.



As a side note: I took over 600 photos that night and I think there are maybe thirty I would consider showing to anyone else. And it was just me, without any direction from others, pressure to get a certain angle, expectations, fidgetty companions, tricky afternoon lighting situations, or any other of the multitude of elements that make a photographer’s job more difficult. I doubt I would have even 10 presentable photos if I had felt any pressure to “get something good.” I enjoyed the organic nature of what I photographed. I enjoyed blending in with the people around me. The more I shoot, the more I appreciate what you all do and how hard it is to be a photographer as your job or even part of your job. It’s not easy, but you all make it look easy.


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Taken on June 16, 2012