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Nasty Cat

This is Nasty Cat. No one pets Nasty Cat. There are no friendly meows or purr-filled rubs against the leg from Nasty Cat.


You are looking at Nasty Cat's only facial expression: "Whadda-you lookin' at? Are you making fun of my pink name tag? Do I need to come over there and teach you a lesson? I have claws and you don't! Do the math!"


All the neighborhood cats hate Nasty Cat. Nasty Cat excels at pooping in all of the neighborhood yards but it's own. Nasty Cat also enjoys spending time on the fence in plain sight of the neighborhood indoor cats.


The other day, one of those psychologically damaged indoor cats got out and took a couple of swipes at Nasty Cat, who was--of course--sitting on the fence with this look on it's face. It didn't go well for the less-agile, mostly-indoor cat. Tails were puffed and hisses flew, but no one was hurt.


Most of the other neighborhood cats are nice kitties. I'm no expert, but it seems like Nasty Cat provides balance in the cat universe by being a bigger jerk than all of them combined.


BTW, Nasty Cat has a canine sister named Roxy who is a sweet, wonderful love of a dog. Roxy is a total charmer and loves belly rubs.


I bet that pisses Nasty Cat off.

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Taken on October 5, 2011