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3D Moon (Anaglyph), 8Apr11+27Mar12 - Best viewed on Black

Red/Cyan stereo anaglyph formed from two of my moon shots taken just under a year apart. Using lunar libration to give the 3D effect.


Stereo alignment achieved using my revised (v5) algorithm with final tweaks done in StereoPhotoMaker; a bitty tricky to get proper alignment on this pair; might not have had my camera level for one of the shots!


Basic lunar libration data for each shot from Jurgen Giesen's excellent Java Applet:


Libration difference (along the stereo axis) between the two months: 3.4 deg. Producing a natural looking stereo effect although the phases were not quite the same (23.5% on 8 Apr, 22.7% on 27 Mar) so detail along the terminator is a bit confused.

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Uploaded on March 27, 2012