• These orange tokens are easier to tell from red in person.
  • These purple tokens are easier to tell from the black ones in person.

D&D tokens: now in color

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I bought ¾" wooden discs to use as miniatures on the D&D battle map, and it has worked well for years. I label the PC tokens with the character's initials, and enemies were numbered. Sometimes, though, it would get hard to remember that "5" was the boss. If we had a bunch of enemies on the board, it got even worse, and at one point I lost my mind and used Greek letters. ("Hey, is that a capital upsilon or a small gamma?")

Eventually I found that coloring one or two tokens in with our whiteboard markers was really helpful. Today, I dug out my acrylics and painted a few sets of tokens. Later, I'll number them. The players will be able to say, "I move to flank Blue 3 and attack him."

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