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Snow-drop Fairy back | by Rjabinnik
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Snow-drop Fairy back

When you can see the first green islands beginning to appear in the snow, in which Miss. Sleepy Grass begins to expose its (still tangled) hair, the whole world seems to become unbent. It slowly begins to wake up after a long rest-time under the snow blanket to get ready for the great celebration of life.

Spring thaw time hides inside and fetch out all the magical power of hope and expectations.

It will take a bit longer time till the trees heat their sap and trot out their swelling buds. For some time the air will ruffle with excitement of gradual waking...

But all the early bulbels, huddled in their earth-nests by then, have been preparing for Their Big Moment this time. Mrs. Earth, gently thawing out, has been already throbbing with her invisible-yet life and invokes her Loyal tinny helpers:

"Hurry up, Spring-thaw fairies, open Your eyes - it's Your time!

Come on, Spring Awakening elves, let’s lend a helping hand again!"

A little folks don’t hesitate. Gently, lovingly they start to awaken the bulbelss given them to keep...

And here and there some of them banter on its little flower with playful song:

"Wake up, seed, hullahop,

You'll become a snow drop..."

Snowdrop with Snowflake , Primrose and Daffodil, Grape-hyacinth, and Tulip ... Whose heart would not thaw with this beauty?

Can You hear it? The SPRING IS COMMING…



This fairy measures 4.7" x 1.6" x 0,75".


Waldorf inspired toy or decoration.



Each figure is completely hand-made: sawed from natural whitewood, hand-carved and sanded, both front and back details-burned and painted with natural colour oils (non toxic, tested and intended for toys-making usage and also for contact with food, made in Germany), sanded again and painted with a second layer of natural (the same, but colourless) oil. Finished with bees wax. Finally felt-polished.



My creations are Ooak hand made originals


Made by Rjabinnik, designed by Rounien 2010

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Taken on January 16, 2010