2018 Missouri River All-Stars "on-the-river"
Every student dreams of being on an All-Star team. In this after-school program, Columbia Public School 4th graders and teachers have the opportunity to learn about the Missouri River ecosystem and the impact that humans have on the river. This is done through four after-school program, one field trip and four teacher curriculum development sessions called “Missouri River All-Stars”. Participating schools include Fairview, Paxton, Mill Creek and Blue Ridge.

Our amazing presenters and volunteers included Dr. Ben Herman and Blake Romaker with Mizzou: College of Education, Carrie Elliott, Aaron Delonay and Dave Combs from U.S. Geological Survey: Columbia Environmental Research Center, Darcy Higgins, and Elke Boyd. Thank you to CPS Science & the Stormwater Columbia Missouri for making this experience possible.
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