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I crocheted a sunner (from Riven) over the course of Saturday while I was at Mysterium. (Yes, I am a dork ^_^)


EDIT: OK, here's a stab at some instructions:


An experienced crochet person might be able to figure this out from the picture, but here’s a narration of how I did it. Sorry if I didn’t explain things that clearly–I may draw up some pictures later. Feel free to ask questions about anything that’s confusing.


The first step was to make the mouth, starting at the top–that’s simply a long, skinny strip of stitches in purple–then one row of DC/SC teeth in silver, then the bottom jaw, closing off as you go. This leaves something approximately like a long, skinny box with one of the short faces missing. Going around that short side, you can build the round head in a spiraling fashion, then narrow down to the neck tube. From there, it’s a pretty simple matter of increasing and later decreasing for the body, changing colors halfway around of course. The body is basically shaped like a lemon. Add stuffing as you go. You don’t need to cut the yarn as you change colors–just let the unused bits hang inside the middle of the body, and avoid tightening them too much or they’ll pinch the body inwards. I made the eyes by knotting a bit of black scrap yarn, threading the ends into the body, and then tying those ends around some of the unused bits left behind by the color changes. After the tail is closed off, add the front flippers by threading a couple of yards on a tapestry needle and poking through the body. Pick up these and make a flipper shape–I did this by making a chain, then turning and SC’ing and then DC’ing. Make two flippers, one with each end of the yarn, and then do the same for the back set of flippers. Ta-da!



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Taken on August 2, 2008