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    1. onion breath 116 months ago | reply

      Only in Turkey....

    2. rogiro 116 months ago | reply

      This is actually in South Africa (I didn't dare to delete my photos from the Africa set, when I changed the name to Turkey and put my Turkey photos there. Because I am afraid to lose all the African pictures.)
      Thanks for your comments, onion breath!

    3. bluehour 116 months ago | reply

      Emphatic Turtles crossing?

    4. Koffiemetkoek 111 months ago | reply

      Wow what a great sign! May I ask where you found this one?

    5. rogiro 111 months ago | reply

      Just a few meters from Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa. I love your Lesotho-pics, Koffiemetkoek!

    6. Koffiemetkoek 111 months ago | reply

      Thanks rogiro, will post some more Lesotho photo's later this month.

      I just made a new group, perfect for this sign. Please join.

      See you

    7. rogiro 109 months ago | reply

      Connected (in the Connect group).
      Signs vs Signs

    8. lawatha 109 months ago | reply

      I wonder... danger? warning? hey!!!
      Obviously they care about their turtles there. Unique sign!

    9. Trapac 109 months ago | reply

      I remember seeing these and had forgotten!!! I visitted some friends in Cape Town in 2001 and used it as a base, South Africa is a spectacularly beautiful country.... and I didn't get much further in than the winelands and the diversity of landscape & experiences was phenomenal... :)

    10. rogiro 109 months ago | reply

      Just a warning, so you don't have a crash on one of them. Yea, SA is beautiful and spectacular (when we're talking about the landscape ofcourse).

    11. Frizztext 107 months ago | reply

      it's one of my FAVORITES now!
      I am sure, this is a well done shot for my group

    12. wind2soul 103 months ago | reply

      i wonder how long the turtle crossing is :)

    13. birdfarm 103 months ago | reply

      I think it looks like a surprised turtle crossing. :-) (and I like Wind2Soul's question!)

      (seen in the Free Association pool)

    14. rogiro 103 months ago | reply

      Ehm, Turtle crossing from here down south to Antartica. But I'm not sure they will swim that far. Too cold for them, I suppose.
      And ofcourse they will be suprised when they cross and suddenly see this big monster on four wheels with a bit smaller, but not less hideous creatures inside on two legs. Wouldn't you be suprised birdfarm, if you were a turtle, to meet humans?

    15. birdfarm 103 months ago | reply

      indeed! hahahahaha! :-)

    16. levinia 96 months ago | reply

      ooh yeah you should beware! they are very dangerous! :) i live there....i know! :) :)
      (look in my favourites for really cool photo's of agulhas)

    17. gwendolen 86 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SANParks - Agulhas National Park, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    18. Turtle 50 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Crossing Turtles signs, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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