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    1. Harris Hui (in search of light) 41 months ago | reply

      Interesting scene and good lighting! Rinaldo
      Happy autumn day!

    2. Rinaldo_ 41 months ago | reply

      Thank you
      but it is Primavera here ;)

    3. Cat Man! 41 months ago | reply

      Spring has sprung. So have a couple of doors. Hi, Rinaldo!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    4. Rinaldo_ 41 months ago | reply

      they are chemical toillets in downtown for people who used to pee in streets hmmm guess they still doing it lol
      Hey Douane!

    5. tabacstar 41 months ago | reply

      great shot sir, the colors are interesing. Doesnt look too inviting though. Here we only see yellow lines in the snow....

    6. Rinaldo_ 41 months ago | reply

      here never snows
      thank you very much sir

    7. Neal1960 41 months ago | reply

      What are these for?

    8. Rinaldo_ 41 months ago | reply

      to take a leak. To pee...

    9. Neta Gov 41 months ago | reply

      cool p.o.v

    10. anjan58 41 months ago | reply

      we have these at public events. looks like they have two different kinds- perhaps testing for which is better?

    11. Yuji_in_Paris 41 months ago | reply

      Wow, interesting view! I have a question... no cubicle for ladies?
      Have a good week!

      PS About that wine, you are absolutely right. It must be vinegar now. I posted that photo as a big joke;-)

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