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Am I Dead?  Or Is This One Of Those Dreams... Those Horrible Dreams? | by Imogen Atheria
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Am I Dead? Or Is This One Of Those Dreams... Those Horrible Dreams?

{RP Post}


It couldn't be. Imogen stared at herself in the mirror, mascara streaked down her cheeks from all the crying, holding a note in a trembling hand. She broke eye contact with herself only long enough to re-read it before staring at herself once more, watching her face contort with the tears all over again. It had been like this since she'd discovered it. And she just couldn't seem to make herself believe it.


Numbly, she ascended the staircase of their home... his home... to their room... his room... pulled out a suitcase and started to put things inside of it. She couldn't feel her hands as they touched the material of her clothing. It was going through the motions at this point. Performative.


Once she had gotten everything she thought she'd brought with her, she hefted the suitcase downstairs and stood in the entryway, staring forward into the living room. The Christmas tree. The stockings. Their little family had been everything to her. And here it was, disintegrating as quickly as it had formed. Imploding before her eyes, and she couldn't stop herself from crying yet again.


Setting the now-crumpled note down on the entry way table, Imogen pulled her keyring from her pocket and just stared at it. Nothing about this felt right. None of it felt like it was supposed to be happening, but he'd made up his mind. This was how it had to be, apparently. Fiddling with the keyring through her tears, she managed to pull his house key from her own and set it on top of the paper before she finally held out her left hand and stared at the last piece that connected her to him... her engagement ring.


He had been everything to her. He had given her everything she'd ever wanted in a partner. They were to be married, for God's sake! And now it was nothing. All of it was nothing. She still couldn't comprehend it all, even as she wiggled the ring off her finger, leaving it bare once more. Feeling vulnerable and incomplete. She set the ring down next to the key on the crumpled up paper that was him ending their engagement.


They say the best things in life are worth fighting for. Apparently she wasn't one of the best things to happen to him, after all.


Turning her back on the home they had created together... the home they'd made for their family... where they were meant to remain forever... she turned the door handle, taking a bit of effort to pull it open. Closing it behind her on the life she thought was to be hers... her turn to be happy for once... she made her way to the driveway, threw the suitcase in her jeep, and drove away.


She had no idea where life would take her next... and she didn't even know if she wanted it anymore.


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