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Meet Crystalline Moonbeam - "Moon" ♥ | by Imogen Atheria
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Meet Crystalline Moonbeam - "Moon" ♥

{RP Post}


If you'd told her 8 months ago that moving to Fox Hollow, North Carolina would make her want to stop traveling, settle down, and - most importantly - love another living creature as much as she'd loved her Fallon... she would've told you that you were crazy. However - here we are.


The small-town vibe in Fox Hollow with the nearby bustling Cityscape of Port Dominion helped ease her out of her nomadic existence and into being a more 'normal' person. Suddenly she didn't crave the road like she used to - and 'new adventures' could just as easily be a trip to a new grocery store as it used to be a new state. Finding joy in the little things became easier and easier the longer she stuck around.


And then there was Moon.


Crystalline Moonbeam, otherwise just simply called "Moon", came into her life and now nothing could separate them. Imogen had become what her fiancé affectionately refers to her as a 'horse girl'.


But perhaps that was exactly what she'd needed. A quiet life. A family. And a good, loving creature in her life to make her understand that chasing a thrill isn't the only thing that could make her feel alive.


.::| Head |::. EvoX Gaia Head (v3.1) - Lelutka

.::| Skin |::. Molly Skin (Porcelain Tone) - Heaux

.::| Ears |::. Gauged Ears for Lelutka - Swallow

.::| Hair |::. Morgana V2 (Dark Styles) - Phoenix Hair @ Access

.::| Sweater |::. Possible Sweater (Fatpack) - Neve

.::| Leggings |::. Bounce Spandex Leggings - Rouly


.::| Horse |::. Friesian Horse - Teegle

.::| Horse Coat |::. Pure White - Golden Brass Horses

.::| Horse Blanket |::. Buzz-Off Blanket Set - Cheval D'or


.::| Pose |::. Cuddle Pose Set - Mythril


Taken at Evergarden Equestrian in Fox Hollow, North Carolina

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Uploaded on November 24, 2021