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Reflections of... , Strobist 102: 3.3 Balancing flash and ambient indoors | by riikkapuu
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Reflections of... , Strobist 102: 3.3 Balancing flash and ambient indoors

One of the assignments in the Strobist Lighting 102 series is to balance ambient light with flash. (I am not necessarily doing the exercises in the right order, although my goal is to eventully make them all. Skipped now, maybe to come back later: Umbrella specular portrait, Balancing flash at twilight, crosslighting: balancing light with sun.)


The photo is taken in a location that is special to me, after dark, combining a long exposure with flash. This is not the typical shot for the exercise, as the main idea was to shoot during the day, I think, but this will do for me for now. (Maybe another trial later, if I have a chance/motivation.) The window shows streetlights and shapes of buildings of Groot Begijnhof (Beguinage), Leuven, Belgium. The glass in the window was pretty dirty, which I first thought was a pity, but at the moment I think that it might actually add a layer to the photo.


Strobist info: Canon 270 EX zoomed out, with a self-made "bare-bulb" or "Gary Fong" modifier, on PW FlexTT5 in front of the model (slightly to the right, distance about 50 cm, you see the white reflection in the image), manual, 1/2 power (I think), controlled with PW MiniTT1-AC3. Camera fastened on a chair with a Gorillapod tripod and controlled by a Spottix remote release (which you see also in my hand). 8 s exposure (tryinng to be approximately still), ISO 100, F/8. The white balance is set to Flash, which shows the ambient light as yellow. The image is as straight out of camera.


The result is pretty moody in my opinion. I like especially the yellowish silhouette, given by the street lights. The position of the hands is rather pleasant also, and the flash appears to give rather soft light, even though it is just the bare flash equipped with a small "bare-bulb" diffuser. What could be better? I could have used a higher ISO to have a faster shutter speed (to 800 maybe), as it was a long time to sit still for 8 s. The focus is not completely accurate, but here you do have to focus in advance, and getting it completely right is difficult.


Original exercise:


Light modifier was inspired from the following site, I just modified the measures to make a smaller one to the 270 EX.


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Taken on November 27, 2011