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Step back! It's dangerous! | by Rigib
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Step back! It's dangerous!

Slouchy: What is it?


Snappy: It's a poisonous bug.


Sassette: Are you sure?


Snappy: I'm positive. One bite from this thing and you'll be dead on the ground.


Slouchy: What are you going to do with it?


Snappy: If it comes any closer, I'll have to stab it!


Sassette: I think we should go find someone. Papa Smurf ... or Nanny Smurf.


Slouchy: I think we should just leave it alone. Come on, Sassette. Let's go.


Snappy: Maybe we could train it. It could kill an enemy with one drop of its poison.


Sassette: Let's go, Slouchy.


Slouchy: Bye Snappy!



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Taken on August 5, 2011