SMA 2 Outdoor insitu class photoshot
Few weeks ago i was invited by my friend Rizky Harsya to helping out his graduate class photoshot project

At first i was hesitate since i was never had this kind comunicative/concept photoshot and now i must face maybe around 40 teenager`s,is kinda give me a sweat
"what should i do?i hate concept i hate to think,i just use my instinct and shot!"

But he say`s
"don`t worry just do your thing like usual"

This class photoshot is always brand new breeze to see how`s teenager action and reaction nowaday`s

And is kinda bring a nostalgic feeling to me,along with jealousy too since i don`t finish my high-school back then due my bad attitude :D

Fun photoshot!my CF is full!and i made a few new younger friend`s too! :p
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