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Teakwondo - Grand Mass Gymnastic and Artistic Performance - Arirang 2011 - Pyongyang | by Rita Willaert
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Teakwondo - Grand Mass Gymnastic and Artistic Performance - Arirang 2011 - Pyongyang

Arirang - 2011 - Pyongyang - North Korea


Grand Mass Gymnastic and Artistic Performance


Kim Il-sung Prize Winner


De voorstelling van de sport taekwondo is een goed voorbeeld van discipline van goed getrainde schoolkinderen. Door middel van gekleurde kaarten en door het volgen van een nummering in een boek houden zij telkens de gepaste kaart voor zich uit. Daardoor ontstaat telkens een schilderij in mozaïek. De studenten houden dit zo'n 2 uren vol, de ganse voorstelling dus. Enig mooi!


Arirang is a song symbolic of the Korean nation, proud and homogenous. This song, best permeated with the national sentiments, was a team song when the north and the south formed a single team to participate in the World Table-Tennis Championship and the World Junior Football Championships. Arirang in the past that depicts the sorrow of the nation full of vicissitudes and tragedy is now turned into a song of all nation that aspires after a prosperous and reunified Korea denying present departure or division but envisaging the meeting and reunion.

How many people are separated into the north, the south and abroad!

How painful is their misery and misfortune.

So their joy of reunion will be great but all the greater will be the jubilation of national reunification. Let us all join hands for the day when the long-cherished cause of reunification is achieved and the 70 million Korean sing the song " Arirang of Reunification"


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From as young as 5 years old, citizens are selected based on skill level to serve for the Arirang Festival for many years. In most cases this will be the way of life for them until retirement.

The opening event of the two month festival are the mass games, which are famed for the huge mosaic pictures created by more than 30,000 well trained and disciplined school children, each holding up coloured cards, in an event known in the West as a card stunt, accompanied by complex and highly choreographed group routines performed by tens of thousands of gymnasts and dancers

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Taken on September 9, 2011