Perseids 2012

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    Perseid Meteor Shower over Pine Mountain Lake

    Set the camera out last night and let it run from midnight to dawn. Found the frames that had meteors in them and combined them in this stacked image. I rotated each frame to match the star pattern of the background layer to compensate for the rotation of the earth. Demonstrates how the meteor shower originates in the constellation of Perseus. It doesn't show up well here, but each of the large meteors start off with a green hue and ends with a slight red hue

    Canon 5D Mark ii, Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 @ 1.4, ISO3200, 15 seconds each exposure

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    1. Rick Whitacre 20 months ago | reply

      Aaron. It's the opposite, actually. I added contrast to the sky and masked out the houses and trees. Looks like I got sloppy. I've re-done it and have replaced the shot with the new one. Thanks for the catch!

    2. danielpivnick 20 months ago | reply

      Wow, very cool! It almost looks like there are missiles coming into hit you.

    3. Randall Harrison 20 months ago | reply

      Somehow, I knew you would be out there working with the Perseid shower. It's a brilliant capture and again your expertise shows. Well done!

    4. Jenny! 20 months ago | reply


    5. km6xo 20 months ago | reply

      Very nice Rick. Too many city lights up here to see see the shower.

    6. jit bag 20 months ago | reply

      Really cool photo!

    7. Curloid_Industries 20 months ago | reply

      That's amazing, great shot!

    8. Lasitha Wicks 20 months ago | reply

      Excellent capture

    9. E11evens. 20 months ago | reply

      Yum thats hot mate

    10. Trvlnmn 20 months ago | reply

      RIck, since you did this in time lapse did you shoot RAW or JPEG? Beautiful results

    11. Rick Whitacre 20 months ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the late response, but I have been traveling. I really appreciate all the comments!

      Pat - I shot in JPEG because I was trying to minimize the size of the images and I knew I would be throwing away 99% of them. Still, I wish I had shot in RAW now that I see how great the show was

    12. Trvlnmn 20 months ago | reply

      From what I've read JPEG is better because of file size and rendering time but you are more experienced at this. I hope to try this some time in the future. Thanks for the data here.

    13. Byrd Anthony | Photography 20 months ago | reply

      How did you combined the images without getting star trails?

    14. Rick Whitacre 20 months ago | reply

      Brad - All the shots were 15 seconds at high ISO so there were no star trails. On each frame with a meteor in it, I rotated and shifted it to where the stars matched the patterns of the base layer to compensate for the rotation of the earth. I then masked out all of image with the meteor except for the meteor itself and blended it in "lighten" mode. Hope this helps!

    15. smjbk 20 months ago | reply

      Looks like we've just engaged the Warp Drive.

    16. ernogy 18 months ago | reply

      great the action!

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