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    The March of the Swans


    Sorrow upon sorrow. I took these swan pics shortly after dropping my camera off the kitchen table. It appeared to survive the fall. However later in the day it developed a twitch. Now the lens won't retract and it is non-functional (E18 error). The cost of repair is $50 less than a new one (both out of the question). If the budget would allow it, I would upgrade to an SLR. But alas that is not in the books. What to do, what to do! I am now camera-less and developing a twitch of my own.

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    1. Яick Harris 117 months ago | reply

      Thank-you Bella!

      @ssb: I love post-processing. To me that's 90% of the fun. Crapcam means low expectations (it can only get better with processing:)

    2. Sexy Swedish Babe 117 months ago | reply

      I mostly post-process the crapcam pictures!

    3. osku.com 117 months ago | reply

      Did it have bad breath? Hehehe.

      Cheers, Osku

    4. kate_dave_hugh 117 months ago | reply

      Your talent and no camera. It is a shame.

      I hope you run into some $ so you can get yourself a new camera..

    5. Яick Harris 117 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I have faith, it will work out.

    6. tinyfishy (Home Again) 117 months ago | reply

      Rick, sorry to hear your mishap. I 've got a few camera to spare.(P&S). You can use them till you get your replacement. I'll be at the parking lot (pier, you know) Sunday morning 7am.

    7. Яick Harris 117 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the generous offer. I have a camera on order. It should be here within a week. I will get creative with alternative devices in the mean-time.

      thanks again -- that's a generous kind offer!

    8. tinyfishy (Home Again) 117 months ago | reply

      Yours welcome. Any time.

    9. S. Kesk [SK] addicted traveller 117 months ago | reply

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      We thank you for sharing this highlight picture of yours.

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    10. northern man 117 months ago | reply

      Sorry to hear about your camera. My wife keeps thinking I intentionally drop them just for the upgrade, 3 cameras in 2 years. With the worst being this G5, suffered a lens issue as a result.

      Broken G5

      I poked around on the net, and found instructions for a similar camera and managed to fix it myself. Not an impossible task, but definitily challenging.

    11. Яick Harris 117 months ago | reply

      Here's my plan: I've ordered a used S2 through eBay. When I receive that camera I will attempt to fix it. I want a fallback in case I screw up. If I can fix it, my daughter will inherit it.

      Next year I will hit a major birthday; so I've been lobbying for a new camera. I'm looking at a Canon 30D (or the equivalent Nikon).

    12. (fez) 117 months ago | reply

      I love this picture.

      Aside- Go with the Canon. I have the 400D and I love it.

    13. ReeBeckiSupergirl 117 months ago | reply

      What an awesome photo! I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I had one ruined in a thunder storm once and have been rain shy ever since!

    14. Яick Harris 117 months ago | reply

      Thank-you -- I was able to salvage most of the functions. So I have a working camera now! Still waiting for my fully functional replacement.

    15. dcumminsusa 115 months ago | reply

      Great capture; love the spontaneity and the inclusion the ambient light (especially the sky) in the background.

      Seen in a discussion of Utata. (?)

    16. pearl grace 115 months ago | reply

      heh heh!
      this made me laugh so hard!
      usually people capture the elegance of swans, but you've shared this fun side of them.
      this is just out of this world great!

      *seen at the Utata tweet, tweet thread*

    17. nudiehead 115 months ago | reply

      This is fabulous! so funny.

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