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American Dipper Part 1 | by Rick Leche
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American Dipper Part 1

A LIFE list addition and one of the most interesting birds that I have had the pleasure to observe! A special thanks to Brad Esau who helped locate this bird today on the Coquitlam River (smal-medium size, clean & fast moving!) I managed to snap off ~ 250 images of this;ittle guy going about his life. A passerine who is most at home around moving water --- they can stand in the current, run along the bottom, swim beneath the surface using their wings for propulsion and then they hop onto the nearest rock and they look like they are not even wet! Absolutely fascinating and very memorable. :-)


A chunky bird of western streams, the American Dipper is North America's only truly aquatic songbird. It catches all of its food underwater in swiftly flowing streams by swimming and walking on the stream bottom.




Stocky, medium-sized bird.

Gray all over.

Large head; short neck.

Long legs.

Short tail.

Thin, dark bill.

White eyelids obvious when it blinks.

Constantly bobs body up and down.


Size: 14-20 cm (6-8 in)

Weight: 43-67 g (1.52-2.37 ounces)

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Taken on March 5, 2008