The $8 Home Network Rack
This quick project took [updated] six household network devices, plus their power supplies, and stacked them into a nice neat package. You can do the same for as little as $8.

My supplies:
4 Rubbermaid letter trays (model 74095). I got mine from an OfficeMax store, but they don't offer them on line. Total cost for 4 trays (two 2-packs) $8. Of course, you could do this is just about any letter tray that is available to you. I liked these because of the wide spaces on the back and sides.

These will make it look neater, but aren't required to make it work.
1 foot network cables $1.20 each (I used 3)
Hook and loop Cable tie$10 for 15 feet (more than enough for this project).
One foot extension cords make it possible to fit six power supplies onto a six outlet surge suppressor.

I also assume you have a spare power strip around somewhere...
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