Stronger Than Him

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    “I just need to get into there” I heard this so called layman say
    But the door is locked my way is blocked and I’ve been here all day
    Believers are on the inside; they are trying to keep me out
    I don’t know what they’re doing but all they do is shout
    They do not understand the reason for my worth
    The riches I can bring them from all across the earth

    They reject my words they scorn my offer
    They see me as a peddler a one man lonely scoffer
    But they have no reason to be distracted
    My wish for them is sound
    They really do not need to hide in this underground
    Why is it they can’t see that their fears are all unfound

    Seems my reputation goes before me
    My image entrenched within them
    Fright and fear taught over time
    Has brought them to this quarter
    All I ask is, its me they should believe in
    That ‘he’ is not their fate
    They all must reconsider before it is too late

    All across this world they have the same hard point of view
    Seems I’ll have to move, take all my servants too
    They’ve conjured up some stronger stuff
    And as I look around, I see that there approaches an unfamiliar sound
    From the east and from the west I see they carry crowns
    I know just what there up to and I cannot hang around
    But I will stay inside their heads and hope for common ground.

    Poem/Lyric by Richard Walker 18 September 2011 (for Martin)

    Note: Most religions have place for some sort of “devil” That urge within us to do the wrong thing, but with courage and shared belief we can overcome it, but we have to be constantly ‘on guard’….

    Image: Iron Gate and Shadow by Chris Walker

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