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One Way Street | by richwall100 - Thank you for Three Million views
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One Way Street

Life is a dream they tell

And it’s all down hill from here

The shops are filled with vagrants

And there’s a fire on the hill

The union bosses are out there

They are putting on a drill

For all those well off punters

Who are looking for a thrill

The people they are restless

They are looking for a fight

Nobody knows what to do

And it’s all down hill tonight


Theatres they are showing

what’s on stage today

But the managers are baying

for better and higher pay

But nobody is laughing

when they bring the curtain down

Shakespeare’s friends are crying,

and the pages they're all forlorn

The police turn up, if right,

are they looking for a fight

The stewards then start shouting

and the crowd turns around

To see Snow White and all her cronies,

all the dwarves and clowns

Gather up what’s left, of what is lying all around

The streetlights they are blazing,

but there’s nothing left to see

The gutters they are running with filth far out to sea

The church doors they all open, and everybody flees

Right into the barriers but know one's got the keys!


The 'Sun is up' they shout

The beer is running out

Film stars and their agents to their offices they run

Right up to the barrels of many a loaded gun

Those who would resist

are chained against their will

The actor’s guild is angry

they vote to double their bill

Those disguised in costume

walk right on past the till

They are smoking cigarettes,

and all are taking pills

Across the road they start a fire

And the glass caves in

Straight through the doors and on all fours

They all indulge in sin


The authors they are laughing

at everything they see

It has already been written about,

it's nothing new to me

Local users and barrow pushers

line up to take you in

But nothing can be heard much above the din

Politicians they start to shout,

get everybody out!

They are scared at the decisions

that they now will have to make

The people 'like' them, or so they think

But they’re walking right up to the brink

Of disaster and not knowing

that the systems on the blink

The prison terms are published

and crime is on the rise

All the cells are full

and there can be no compromise


The day dawns dull

and it’s raining on the street

The spy’s are out,

But the eyes of state are not discreet

They round up all the merchants

who are trying all to leak

That special information

that might keep them off the street

The press and all it’s agents

gather round like gulls

To get the very latest

and to corrupt the peoples souls

With cash they try to buy the story of the fall

Only then to get the missionary call

They turn and run at the sound of the gun

Leaving know one covered, just open to the sun

Officials take the chase,

the committee desk awaits

They polish their lies and wait like flies,

on this one-way street....


Lyric/Poem: by Richard Walker 14th September 2011


Note: A parody perhaps in the Dylanesque Style of law and disorder, riots, recrimination, politics, the press, celebrity, select committees, crime, arson and so much more.


Image: 'Bell Tower in Stockholm' by Bob Dylan, from the "Drawn Blank Series" published by Prestel ISBN 978-3-7913-3943-6 Hardback. (All Bob Dylan and modern art fans should buy this book)

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Taken on September 14, 2011