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There is a Truth

There is a truth lies within me.

Like a window that I see through

It beckons my mind a way to find,

This truth that lies within me.


This truth, though it evades me,

It stalks me and I falter.

(It refuses to be found)

I am then on a journey over uneven ground.


It shows me its edge, but nothing is defined .

I know it is there, though nothing is aligned.

It begs me to seek, but steps away when look,

Like opening the pages to an empty book.


This is a truth that I just can’t find.

Is this a truth that’s going to leave me behind?

Maybe its’ that, and that is the truth.

That I am to be left, hiding away, like a sleuth!


This truth, I am sure, when at last it is ‘found’

Will once and for all hold me down to the ground.

Then, like a shock as it hits me

It’s always been all around

And never really needed to be found!


Poem: Richard Walker

06 Sept 2005


Note: Sometimes the things week seek are in plain view, Only ‘we’ really know ourselves and it’s pointless looking everywhere else, you have to admit that you are who you are....


Image: Creative Commons Licence / computer generated

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