Self-Propelled Ascent of "The Camel"
After the car malfunction the day before, Chris and I were pretty limited on destinations. I was hoping to go to Squamish to start climbing again, but I couldn't find a driver. So Chris and I decided at 10pm to climb the Camel on Sunday. I left my house early Sun in East Van to meet up with Chris in Stanley Park. A tiring bike ride up to the parking lot, was followed by the Grouse Grind. Once at the top, we hiked to Crown, and then dropped down to the Camel. Chris lead the 5.2 route, which was easier than most of the scrambles that he's done in the last month. Once atop the Camel's hump, we rappelled into the neck. I lead the 8m of 5.0 face up to the Camel's head, my first alpine rock lead. I guess 5.0 is as easy as it gets. It's a long way to carry a rope to climb a summit that is actually lower, but it was definetly acessible without a car.
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