Glossop ROC post (Derbyshire Group)
Off a muddy farm track behind a farm. Telegraph poles provided assistance in actually finding it.
Cows location status = nearby but in a seperate field.
The post opened in June 1965 and closed in September 1991, and is in fair condition. Reports last year showed a pile of cans chucked down the shaft, but it appears to have been tidied by local kids. Furniture has been carefully placed in the lavatory. Paper on the desk is part of a ouiji board set up. The bag on the wall is for rubbish, and a Manchester United calendar is on the back of the door.

A detention slip from Manchester Grammar School is also to be found. I am very sad to report that one young man had thought it acceptable to tell lies.Outside the post lovely views are to be seen as night falls over Glossop.
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