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Rover Company after Blitz | by richboxfrenzy
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Rover Company after Blitz

I have wanted to go here longer than any other explorer. That isn't an exaggeration. My earliest memory of the long country lane that these are on is the August of 1976. I was 4. As my family returned from a holiday in Wales, the hillside was ablaze near here. Horrific flames reached high as the trees caught alight as Kinver Edge burned. The smoke engulfed my dads Maxi as we slowly made our way down the lane, driving over the hoses from the fire appliances that had come nearly 40 miles to help fight the fire. It was caused by a discarded glass bottle like many forest fires in the 1970's. It all added to the mystique of the road. The old barbed wire fences around here. The stories that if you ever were to wander into the compound around Drakelow, men would appear and very politely ask you to leave. I'd seen the yellow B.T vans outside now and again, and the whole place was scary and unknown.

My mom however knew more. In fact she had researched this place in 1962 as part of her college final year project. She knew about the Rover company and the blasting they had done of the soft sandstone rock and the machines that they installed to build the tank parts for the war effort.

Underneath the hill are the tunnels, not carved, but blasted out. Three people lost their lives I think during this. They were blasted out to be used for a Shadow Factory. Here is one of the entrances. These used to frighten me. It is hard to imagine the cars racing here as the sirens sounded their four minute warning that a Russian Warhead was on it's way to destroy the world. The great and good would have entered here, and made their way in through the blast doors. Three months of time underground would have awaited them.

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Taken on August 22, 2013